Youth Programs

BlazeSports provides a variety of  sport and recreation programs for kids and teens with physical challenges.   We provide athletes with training, support and the opportunity to increase independence and improve health. Whether you want to compete on a team, try something new, stay fit and healthy or meet new friends our programs have something for everyone. 

Veterans Programs

Are you a veteran or an active duty service member with a physical disability? Do you want to be fit and active? Do you want to compete in a sport you enjoy? Learn about our veterans programs and find a sport or activity that’s perfect for you.  

International Programs

With a commitment to empower individuals with disabilities all over the world to live active and healthy lifestyles, BlazeSports International works in targeted regions to share and expand knowledge on Paralympic sport, and the importance of sport participation for all. 

Training and Education

At BlazeSports, we’re dedicated to helping athletes and those supporting them – parents, caregivers and professionals – succeed. We provide a range of educational opportunities for everyone involved.


Everyone loves Summer camp! BlazeSports offer a week long residential summer sports camp where kids and teens can explore their potential, disciover their abilities and thrive in a fun, sociable setting.


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